Graft For Growth
Graft For Growth is a social enterprise

Case Studies

Case studies

The Sanctuary House

The Problem: The families we work with were living in damp, mud houses infested with rats.

The Action Plan: A project trip allows five to six working days. A small group can build a survival house in this time.

A 15 square metre, double glazed, fully insulated living space with a stove, solar panel and LED Lights was a big improvement.

Unceste Rural Farm

The Problem: Most Romanian rural families live below the poverty line. The elderly and single mum’s suffer the most as social support is minimal.

They do not have the resources to farm their land as the community of ninety plus families have no Tractor. They therefore offer their land to the big companies for a small return.

The Action Plan: A Micro Farm. Support agriculture with buildings, machinery animals and a business plan. Increase food supply, employment and maximise the use of land.

Reghin. Roma Gypsy Support Programme

The Problem: For centuries the Roma have been a marginalised cultural group, separated by lack of education, extreme poverty, prejudice and discrimination.

The Action Plan: An educational support programme, a home for the orphans, a mentorship scheme and job creation.

The Horticuture and Agricultural Programme aims to provide the income to make this “vision” a sustainable reality.