Graft For Growth
Graft For Growth is a social enterprise


Case Study: Reghin Gypsy Project

Location: Reghin, Romania

Future Farm site.png

Case Outline:

Attila and Adele Toth have a vision to support the work of disadvantaged Gypsies in the Reghin area. As a Christian Pastor Attila has set up a number of churches at the heart of different communities and he is also trying to help them in the areas of Employment, Health and Education. The work of his Association “Tellos” supports Education Programmes, A family home for orphans and an Agricultural Programme to not only provide food and employment but also fund the work of the Association.

We have started the Agricultural Programme in 2017. So far we have constructed 3 industrial size Poly Tunnels, 10 Pig Stys, a Shepherds Hut, 2 Sunken Poly Tunnels, 8 chicken coops and a Large Barn. We look to have the large Glodeni farm up and running in 2019.

Reghin map.png