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Unceste Farm

Case Study: Unceste Farm Development

Location: Unceste, East Romania

Case Outline:

This project was to support the work of Costel Deliu and his wife Tatiana.

The poor farming village of about 100 families was suffering from unemployment, low rural incomes, poor food availability and few resources to farm their land.

People against Poverty invested in a plot of available land and following Costel’s initiate we drew up plans to develop a small plot of land into an intensive farm.

After four years, it was impacting the whole village. It offered the use of a tractor and machinery, a Poly Tunnel to increase vegetable production, a bore hole for regular water supply and animals at a reasonable price. The Maize Mill on the farm encouraged the locals to produce their own maize.


There have been problems to overcome but it has been a very encouraging social enterprise that has added hope and encouragement for the whole village. Costel estimates that it has impacted every family in the village and supplies food for the poorer children through the Canteen project which is run by PaP.

This was a very encouraging result from the partnership between Costel, People against Poverty and Graft 4 Growth.

Unceste map.png